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TAAE 2: Now in beta Introductory video

The Amazing Audio Engine.

Core Audio. Cordially.

The Amazing Audio Engine is a sophisticated framework for iOS audio applications, built so you don't have to.

It is designed to be very easy to work with, and handles all of the intricacies of iOS audio on your behalf.

Built upon the efficient and low-latency Core Audio Remote IO system, and written by developer of Audiobus and Loopy Michael Tyson, The Amazing Audio Engine lets you get to work on making your app great instead of reinventing the wheel.


Add a channel with a block implementation

// Create an instance of the audio controller
self.audioController = [[AEAudioController alloc]
AEBlockChannel *channel = [AEBlockChannel channelWithBlock:
  ^(const AudioTimeStamp  *time,
    UInt32           frames,
    AudioBufferList *audio) {
    // Generate audio here
// Add channel
[_audioController addChannels:@[channel]];
// Start the audio engine.
[_audioController start:NULL];

Add two looping audio file tracks

// Initialise tracks
AEAudioFilePlayer *track1 = 
  [AEAudioFilePlayer audioFilePlayerWithURL:
    [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLForResource:@"Track 1" withExtension:@"m4a"]
AEAudioFilePlayer *track2 = 
  [AEAudioFilePlayer audioFilePlayerWithURL:
    [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLForResource:@"Track 2" withExtension:@"m4a"]
// Set to loop mode
track1.loop = YES;
track2.loop = YES;
// Add channels
[_audioController addChannels:@[track1, track2]];

Create a filter and add it to a track

AEBlockFilter *filter = [AEBlockFilter filterWithBlock:
    ^(AEAudioFilterProducer     producer,
      void                     *producerToken,
      const AudioTimeStamp     *time,
      UInt32                    frames,
      AudioBufferList          *audio) {
      // Pull audio
      OSStatus status = producer(producerToken, audio, &frames);
      if ( status != noErr ) return;
      // Now filter audio in 'audio'
[_audioController addFilter:filter toChannel:track1];

Create an Audio Unit and use it to filter your app's audio

AEReverbFilter * reverb = [[AEReverbFilter alloc] init];
_reverb.dryWetMix = 80;
[_audioController addFilter:reverb];