The Amazing Audio Engine

Retiring The Amazing Audio Engine

It's with regret that I've decided to announce the retirement of The Amazing Audio Engine.

TAAE has had a great run. However, the time demands of supporting the developer community have become unsustainable for me, especially with the demands of Loopy 3 (aka Loopy Masterpiece Edition) and imminent new fatherhood!

Here's the good news, though:

99% of people should be using AudioKit, anyway.

AudioKit is a fabulous and tremendously well-supported and maintained audio framework, based upon Apple's robust new AVAudioEngine. It's feature rich, newbie-friendly and comes with a bunch of great documentation and sample code, as well as a lot of great educational resources, like Swift playgrounds. No realtime C programming necessary.

AudioKit now works beautifully with Audiobus, and that's my cue to pass on the torch to the lovely and talented Aurelius Prochazka and crew.

What does this mean?

A few things:

If you're using TAAE 1 in your apps, I'd suggest migrating over to AudioKit at the next available opportunity. TAAE 1 will keep functioning for now, but it's not going to receive bug fixes or compatibility updates, so expect it to deteriorate.

If you've started using TAAE 2, be aware that support will be very limited, although the repository's not going anywhere. Niceties like public documentation are going to be thin on the ground, and there may be some parts that don't receive much love if I'm not using them directly, such as macOS support. I'll continue to refer people to AudioKit, though, as I think it's much easier to work with for most people.

Thanks for all the love!

All the best,