AEBlockScheduler.h File Reference
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import "AEAudioController.h"

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class  AEBlockScheduler
 Block scheduler. More...


typedef void(^ AEBlockSchedulerBlock )(const AudioTimeStamp *intervalStartTime, UInt32 offsetInFrames)
 Scheduler block format.
typedef void(^ AEBlockSchedulerResponseBlock )()
 Scheduler response block.


NSString const * AEBlockSchedulerKeyBlock
 Schedule information dictionary keys.
NSString const * AEBlockSchedulerKeyTimestampInHostTicks
NSString const * AEBlockSchedulerKeyResponseBlock
NSString const * AEBlockSchedulerKeyIdentifier
NSString const * AEBlockSchedulerKeyTimingContext

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(^ AEBlockSchedulerBlock)(const AudioTimeStamp *intervalStartTime, UInt32 offsetInFrames)

Scheduler block format.

Will be executed in a Core Audio thread context, so it's very important not to call any Objective-C methods, allocate or free memory, or hold locks.

intervalStartTimeThe timestamp corresponding to the start of this time interval
offsetInFramesThe offset, in frames, of this schedule's fire timestamp into the current time interval
typedef void(^ AEBlockSchedulerResponseBlock)()

Scheduler response block.

Will be called on the main thread

Variable Documentation

NSString const* AEBlockSchedulerKeyBlock

Schedule information dictionary keys.

NSString const* AEBlockSchedulerKeyTimestampInHostTicks
NSString const* AEBlockSchedulerKeyResponseBlock
NSString const* AEBlockSchedulerKeyIdentifier
NSString const* AEBlockSchedulerKeyTimingContext