AEAudioBufferManager Class Reference

Audio buffer manager class. More...

#import <AEAudioBufferManager.h>

Inherits <NSObject>.

Instance Methods

(instancetype) - initWithBufferList:
 Create an instance.
(AudioBufferList *) - AEAudioBufferManagerGetBuffer
 Get the audio buffer list.
(pthread_rwlock_t *) - AEAudioBufferManagerGetLock
 Access the read/write lock.

Detailed Description

Audio buffer manager class.

This class allows you to apply normal Objective-C memory management techniques to an AudioBufferList structure, which can simply buffer management tasks.

Create an instance of this class, passing in an already-initialized AudioBufferList, and the class will manage the remaining life-cycle of the buffer list.

Method Documentation

- (instancetype) initWithBufferList: (AudioBufferList *)  bufferList

Create an instance.

bufferListAn initialized AudioBufferList structure (see AEAudioBufferListCreate)
- (AudioBufferList*) AEAudioBufferManagerGetBuffer (__unsafe_unretained AEAudioBufferManager *)  buffer

Get the audio buffer list.

This method is safe for use on the realtime audio thread.

- (pthread_rwlock_t*) AEAudioBufferManagerGetLock (__unsafe_unretained AEAudioBufferManager *)  buffer

Access the read/write lock.

Use this when you need to manage multiple threads with access to the buffer list.

Important: Never hold locks on the audio thread. If mutual exclusion is necessary, use a try lock, which is non-blocking.

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