<AEAudioTimingReceiver> Protocol Referenceabstract

AEAudioTimingReceiver protocol. More...

#import <AEAudioController.h>

Inherits <NSObject>.

Inherited by AEBlockScheduler.


AEAudioTimingCallback timingReceiverCallback
 Reference to the receiver callback.

Detailed Description

AEAudioTimingReceiver protocol.

The interface that a object must implement to receive system time advance notices. This includes 'timingReceiver', which is a C callback to be called when the system time advances. The callback will be passed a reference to this object, so you should implement it from within the @implementation block to gain access to your instance variables.

Property Documentation

- (AEAudioTimingCallback) timingReceiverCallback

Reference to the receiver callback.

This method must return a pointer to the receiver callback function that accepts received audio. Always return the same pointer - this must not change over time.

Pointer to an audio callback

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