AERenderer.h File Reference
#import <Foundation/Foundation.h>
#import <AudioToolbox/AudioToolbox.h>
#import "AERenderContext.h"

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class  AERenderer
 Base renderer class. More...


typedef void(^ AERenderLoopBlock )(const AERenderContext *_Nonnull context)
 Render loop block.


NSString *const _Nonnull AERendererDidChangeSampleRateNotification
 Sample rate change notification.
NSString *const _Nonnull AERendererDidChangeNumberOfOutputChannelsNotification
 Channel count change notification.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(^ AERenderLoopBlock)(const AERenderContext *_Nonnull context)

Render loop block.

Use the render loop block to provide top-level audio processing.

Generate and process audio by interacting with the buffer stack, generally through the use of AEModule objects, which can perform a mix of pushing new buffers onto the stack, manipulating existing buffers, and popping buffers off the stack.

At the end of the render block, use AERenderContextOutput to output buffers on the stack to the context's output bufferList.

contextThe rendering context

Variable Documentation

NSString* const _Nonnull AERendererDidChangeSampleRateNotification

Sample rate change notification.

NSString* const _Nonnull AERendererDidChangeNumberOfOutputChannelsNotification

Channel count change notification.